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Generational Compassion

Generational Compassion is a ministry of Emmanuel House. GC was established in 2010 as the culmination of years of thinking about the needs of the eldery by Precious Atchison.

Dr. Liam Atchison

This is Liam's experimental writing and creative blog. He enjoys quality feedback, so check it out. 

History Video Blog

This is a site telling the stories of history in a "What you see is what you get" way. There are some creative artiles, but the site is mostly about turning on the flip cam and telling some story of history. Liam uses this as a creative outlet for his love of telling stories of historical interest.

If you would like to know more about the philosophy of Emmanuel House, you might want to check out the following articles on the web:

Marcel As Counselor: Four Ideas Toward Other-Centered Repentance

French philosopher and writer Gabriel Marcel counters the resigned fatalism of existentialism with the essence of the Gospel: we do not belong to ourselves. Liam Atchison discusses Marcel's principles in light of our self-absorbed society's narcissistic focus on recovery.

Curiosity: Answering the Knock of Relationship

Curiosity without relationship is voyeurism. With relationship, it is presence-in-the-moment, meaningful engagement with another. This latter form is standard battle gear for the fearless warrior who would do battle for souls.

Faithful Wounds of an Enemy: Nietzsche's "Death of God" Invective

Were Friedrich Nietzsche's towering intellectual works the achievements of a madman or one of Christianity's best friends? Or-dare we suggest it-both? A look at the philosopher's most pointed criticisms of the church reveals some surprising answers.

The Idea Of A University: A Community Engaged in the Leisure of Scholarship

Throughout much of western history, the university has played an important role in the development of thought and culture. Yet in its present form, the university embodies at worst big business and at best a clearinghouse of ideas, rather than a sanctuary of innovative thought, creative dialogue, and sociological change. The author discusses the lost ideal of "scholarship as leisure" and its accompanying elements of comfort, freedom, and retreat.

Household Seminaries

Read about how Emmanuel House's training program is based on a Puritan model of instruction known as "household seminaries."