Geography of the Soul: Experiencing the Gospel Every Day

The next Geography of the Soul will be held at the Leawood Library on Saturday January 23, 2010 from 9:15 am to 1:30 pm in the Library's "Meeting Room" 4700 Town Center Drive, Leawood, KS 66211. Follow the link to the GeoSoul registration page. The fee on the day of the seminar will be $22, but pre-registrants pay only $17. Register now!

What the Seminar is About: Offering and Receiving Faith, Hope, and Love in a Fallen World

Is it really possible to change, really change, on the inside? Sure, your friends think you look like you are doing great. But you know that inside your heart aches, you feel far from God, lonely, disconnected and the usual advice seems hollow and just falls short. Geography of the Soul is designed to offer hope for change by engaging our hearts in discovering the authentic lifestyle that God designed us to lead.

In Geography of the Soul we will consider the disquieting truths of what God made us to be, the conflicting realities of our experiences in the world He created and the survival strategies we use to try to make sense of our lives, often without help from God.

one: landing on the map

The first session is about just what the title suggests: If we want to journey down unknown roads, we have to first know where we are on the map. In life this translates into being honest about a few things right up front:

  • Something is not working right in our world.
  • No matter how hard we try, we cannot seem to fix it.
  • We are often not honest with ourselves and others about the messy realities in our hearts and in our world.
  • In spite of our misgivings, we often put on a "brave face" and try even harder.

In session one we will talk about why we go in these directions. We will talk about what it really means to live in an uncanny world that evades our valiant attempts to end tension and create harmony.

two: short cuts & dead ends

The greatest fear of the human heart is that of abandonment. This fear is so strong it dictates to us how we live our lives. Fearing rejection and further hurt on our already wounded hearts, we too often opt for the seemingly safe path of self-protection and calculated living. Many of us have blaze some very sophisticated escape routs to slip away from difficult relational situations. Rather than take a hard look at these escape strategies, we often choose the despair of finding some new formula, guru, diet, religion, ritual or how-to list that we hope holds the key to solving our problems. We substitute career, moneymaking, fame, hobbies, obsessions or even dedicated ministry for the genuine other-centeredness required in relationship with God and others. Many live asking the haunting question, "what's wrong with me?" while others vent their frustration in anger at others, vowing that no one will ever take advantage of them again.

In the second part of the seminar we will closely examine the self-defeating strategies of traveling a wide path of self-protection that certainly leads to destruction of relationships.

three: the road less traveled

Jesus spoke about the narrow path and said that there are few who find it. His followers have either ignored this truth or tried to capture it in a to-do list. In the third session we will learn that to walk the narrow path in a harsh world means rather to love extravagantly with the irresistible charm of truth and grace.

No formulas will be offered, but we will take a glimpse at what constitutes a taste of the kind of living that results in experiencing more of the life of love and freedom that Jesus won for us on the cross. This way of living results in our having the courage to be who we were made to be: people known by their love, who have eyes that see, ears that hear, and a heart that is fully alive.