Emma House Stories

A Mighty Disrupter

"God used my Emmanuel House experience as a mighty disrupter in my life…challenging the way that I view God, the world, and myself; teaching me to experience true freedom in the midst of every circumstance; awakening the deepest desires of my heart for God; and equipping me with the tools and theology necessary to give those desires “wings to fly” while allowing me to create space for others to join me on this journey of knowing God."
~ Kate Kidder, Graduate student in Security Studies at Kansas State University

The Ongoing Power of the Gospel

"Emmanuel House has been a life-changing experience for my wife and I.  God used Emmanuel House to bring the Gospel to the broken and hurting parts of my heart and life.  In addition to being trained in traditional seminary curriculum, I have had the joy of personally knowing and being friends with my professors.  Liam and Precious model and train students to love God and love others.  I will always have the sweetest memories of the time spent with Liam and Precious in Emmanuel House.  May God continue to bless this ministry and those who have the tremendous opportunity to participate in life-change." 
~ Jeremy Krause, Student Ministries Pastor, First Evangelical Free Church, Wichita, Kansas

Compassion for the Elderly

"I am so thankful Precious taught the part about aging and death in her Primary Relationship weekend.  What I learned helped me be more faithful in my relationship with my own Grandma.  I had a sweet year of deeper connection that I was so thankful for when she died a couple of weeks ago.  I feel drawn towards being involved somehow with people in that stage of life." 
~ Larka Vesper, Christian Challenge Staff member, Lincoln, Nebraska