What Others are Saying

 "With a sensitivity that can only come out of their own journey through grief, Liam and Precious wisely and gently lead us into the valley of confusion that loss must create by stripping away our hopes for an easily explained and manageable world and by refusing to let us retreat into the comfort of arrogant cynicism." Dr. Larry Crabb, in his Introduction to Grief

"This...helped our family get below the waterline in some difficult issues. I would encourage people who want to build deeper relationships to jump in--the water's fine." Lynn Rundle, CEO, 21st Century Grain processing Co.

"No one with a (n Irish) name like 'Liam Atchison' can possibly be taken seriously as a theologian. He needs to change it to something German." Garrison Keillor, Host of A Prairie Home Companion to some of Liam's students who were asking the storyteller to sign an autograph for Liam.