new look

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Jay, I like this better so far (so does Jenni). It is much warmer and friendly. I like the purple for the nav bar. I also like the leaf header. A couple of thoughts: 1) The Emmanuel House text at the top is still a little hard to read. Is there a way to make it stand out a little more? 2) Is it possible to start the nav buttons where the content section begins instead of the far left?

Also, is there a way to incorporate more of the green leafy wreath stuff? It brings some brightness to things.

Round 2: Very nice. The extra greenery says "friendly" and the buttons look better (I think) when they line up with the content section. New thoughts: 1) The buttons themselves seem pretty subtle and are a little hard to pick out. Is there a way to make them stand out a little more? Outline them or something? 2) Can we put a second line of text under the Emmanuel House title? I'm thinking something like "Spiritual formation and leadership development for today's church". You know, so they almost don't even have to read the page to figure out what we are about. I'm excited about how it is shaping up!